Natural hair care with O’Herbal is becoming more complex.


Nature gave us hair, the natural protection and accessory. By taking care of it, we think not only about the beautiful and modern hairstyle but the importance of having a healthy hair and maximum protecting its natural beauty. That is why today it is so popular to use cosmetics, hair and skin care products.

Nowadays it is very important that cosmetics that we use consists of as many natural components as it is possible. Especially valuable in this case are plants’ ingredients. Centuries-old experience of using them reaffirms us that the components made of plants are ideally suited to our hair and skin; active ingredients contained in plants are ideally building into the structure of the hair shaft, nourishing hair bulbs, becoming part of the corneal layer, improving the skin condition and normalising its microflora. There are the most suitable plants for every type of hair. Their extracts will help to restore the health of hair, regain the strength and further develop its natural potential.

The ingredients used in each product are the most efficient for the particular hair problem: thin, weak, dry, curly hair etc. For example, the products for dry and dull hair have been enriched with the moisturising extract of flax seeds; the thyme extract was used for coloured hair products to restore the structure of the hair shaft; for normal hair products the birch leaf extract was added to support the healthy roots and strands; the products to care for curly and rebellious hair contain the hops extract, which is the natural protection from the brittleness and colour fading. The strengthening effect of the calamus root extract was the main factor to use it in the formula for the strengthening hair products. Mountain arnica extract is used for thinner hair products to add more volume and to increase its strength. The best natural component for the oily hair is peppermint extract that is used in our product.

All O’Herbal products are free from SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens, preservatives and colorants. We use only biodegradable surfactants that makes our products safe not only for consumers but also for the environment because they protect the ecosystem. Also we use the easily recyclable packaging for all our products. This facilitates the acquisition of funds in large volumes.